I Want To Start Writing Poetry Again

I’ve been reading a lot of great poetry recently so I thought I would start writing again. Hopefully, I get to write every week. I should write more often.

My European American Educator by Chienyn Chi

You stare at me and wonder
baffled at
how I could be
You see me as an impossibility
You speak of your rich and luscious roots
in NAbokov
Not NaBOkov, you correct me,
you change my voice with your spit
and lips
I crave your pity.
A contradiction of two
incompatible hyphenated worlds
of Asia
and America.
You are an European American. A beautiful
gem and you are not
like Daisy Miller.

Your teeth so perfect and white
articulate and precise
so perfected and sharp
I never knew people
could speak with teeth until now
sitting here in your office.
You speak of roots in
Jane Austen,
You married an American.
Your native tongue is some non English, Northern European Language
and you now publish in English, it took you a while, you say you are No
but you did it.
Your duality, your union, and your hard work is beautiful, I admire it.

but mine is
non-existent, like grease and water,
oily and contaminated.
You see an abundance of
imperfection in my words. Even I see it and wonder why it is to myself…
You know, you say you know why
and sadly it is
and repair.
because I speak two very different
tongues, “Chinese is so difficult, you must know that already,
the hardest tongue in the world.” you educate me.
“No wonder your English has to suffer”
and you explain my hopeless sad case with
such certainty
and conviction

"But it could be to your advantage!"
They would love a foreigner
who teaches English
and Chinese, “pardon me, Mandarin,” as you correct yourself smugly.
You tell me I am a
conflict of two warring cultures and that’s why
I cannot use the English language
because my roots are not well
mixed or rooted.
they cannot and will never coexist.
and I believe you.

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Paisley Air Max. Yes please thank you.


Paisley Air Max. Yes please thank you.

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Bill O’Reilly, Asians Americans Choose Resistance.


Who caught Bill O’Reilly’s recent “rebuttal" of white privilege yesterday? Consider it a case study in how the model minority myth serves to derail conversations about the realities of white supremacy and anti-blackness in America today.

It’s a textbook execution, Bill. But we’re not buying it. We choose resistance.

For more, read Scot Nakagawa’s ever pertinent “The Model Minority is a Lever of White Supremacy”: http://


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Sophie Wedgwood

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DC Rally for Mike Brown & Ferguson (8.14.14) #NMOS14

On Thursday 8.14.14 we rallied in Malcolm X park here in DC demanding justice for Mike Brown and accountability from our government for the ongoing police brutality in Ferguson. These are some faces from the event. #nmos14 #ferguson #mikebrown #blacklivesmatter

More Pictures: HERE

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Populaire (dir. Régis Roinsard, 2012)

great film on netflix

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The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

This shit is chilling and made me tear up.

the shame of a nation!!!!!!!!!!!

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Check out this mix on @8tracks: Chinese Indie  by heizhenzhu.

Check out this mix on @8tracks: Chinese Indie by heizhenzhu.

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America Is Not For Black People

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